Follow Your Dream

Photo of the herdExperiential Immersion – Your classroom is the pastures you see in the photo at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Every day you choose  from the herd of 60+ horses, collect them up from liberty, give them a massage, release them, and invite another horse to work with you. We are a diverse faculty of three certified Equine Massage Therapists, two veterinarians, a farrier, a saddle maker, and a UK certified saddle fitter who love to share our expertise. Massage, anatomy, pathology, physiology, saddle fitting – the learning is not just theoretical; it’s all hands on.

Grace in Motion – Learn to nurture the playful movement of the horse. Here your head learns what’s needed to enable a horse to move gracefully and powerfully at work and at liberty, your hands become skilled at facilitating changes and your heart soars with the feeling that you can truly connect with the spirit of the horse to make a difference in the life of these wonderful creatures.

A Feel Following A Feel – When a student can listen to a body/mind the application of one technique can be evolved into a hundred techniques. But if the student cannot listen then teaching the student one hundred techniques is fruitless. Here you learn to Listen, Connect, Follow, and Influence™. Massage is a conversation between you and the horse and open hearted listening is the door to understanding.

International Certification – in The Art of Equine Massage and Bodywork. Graduates are also eligible and encouraged to join the Equine Bodyworkers Guild, an internationally recognized organization of graduates.