Karen Saindon, CEMT

Photo of KarenKaren was raised on a ranch in Manitoba Canada herding cattle and breeding/training Standardbred racehorses. Karen was tasked as a little girl with “quieting” the young guns and exercising the racehorses in the off-season. She soon realized that the pace gait requires level ground, and if you ride a “pacer” into the base of a hill, the horse will either break into a gallop or fall down! To her grandfather’s chagrin, his prized racehorses were quiet, four-gaited trail horses by spring. This was to be the beginning of her journey into understanding the philosophy of movement, gaits, balance and rhythm while riding and training horses.

Karen is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist through Prairie Winds with a full practice in Western Canada and enjoys mentoring young people in quieting their own horses. She is a co-facilitator of an Equine Assisted Personal Development Program where she maintains the physical and mental well being of all the therapy horses as well as teaches horsemanship to participants. Karen is also a working member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Photo of KarenKaren continues to study and apply her philosophy of movement, understanding of anatomy form and function and puts it to work in practical down to earth terms that makes it easy and a joy to learn. Her continuing education with horses comes from her QH, Zac, who “quiets” Karen and keeps her humble. Karen loves spending time with her grandchildren and is teaching them to ride Zac and pony, Bear.