Sara Stenson

Sara Stenson, CMT, CEMT, CNMT

Photo of Sara StensonSara grew up riding fences and herding cattle on an 8,000-acre Aberdeen Angus cattle ranch in eastern Wyoming. She spent countless hours playing horse tag, riding double through streams and ponds and sneaking a ride on “Big Red” whenever opportunity presented itself. She now studies riding and horsemanship with her American Mustang, Eliseo and her rescue QH, Jazzie. After receiving a Shiatsu massage treatment from a friend, Sara immediately became an apprentice of Barefoot Shiatsu and studied with Shizuko Yamamoto in the 70′s. She later received her Certification in Massage Therapy and Body Insight Neuromuscular Re-education in 1995, studied equine bodywork from a certified Rolfer and continues to study CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute. In the mid 90′s she decided to apply her unique approach to horses. She has practiced and taught this ancient healing art in Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, Florida, and New Mexico.

Sara’s equine massage, bodywork and biomechanics practice is a unique combination of Shiatsu massage and T’ai Chi Ch’uan principles of natural movement and she incorporates skills gleaned from studying natural horsemanship and dressage. She believes that change should never be forced upon a body; rather the body must be allowed to find its natural alignment and rhythm through relaxation. Sara teaches those natural principles so that participants can find them within their own body/mind and then influence their horses to do the same.

Photo of Sara with friendsSara is a co-founder of Rocky Mountain T’ai Chi Ch’uan at Fort Collins. She has been a student, practitioner, and teacher of the Yang Style Short Form since that the late 70′s. Sara taught T’ai Chi at the Dali Lama’s 1997 Conference on Education at Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO. She created T’ai Chi for Horsemen clinics and released a DVD entitled “T’ai Chi Chi Gung – An Ancient Art for Horsemen.” Working with the rider and the horse she helps facilitate freedom of movement and a quiet listening communication for the partnership through relaxation. Sara maintains her private bodywork practice in Medanales, New Mexico.

She lives with her husband, Michael. They share their lives with three horses, three dogs, and two mischievous cats.