About Us

Our Vision

The Art of Equine Massage and Bodywork is dedicated to developing in ourselves and others the skills and abilities with which we were born.

Picture of Eliseo and SageWe teach you how to find the native intelligence within yourself and combine it with your experience and knowledge to be of service to horses in particular and all other beings in general. All of the work is offered with gratefulness for the kindness of our teachers in the spirit of furthering their remarkable work.

We believe that we touch to belong.

Everyone has seen pictures of dogs cuddling with fawns, cats and rabbits along with videos of a friendship between a raven and a stray cat. We’ve seen photos of lions who have adopted calves and of humans who have bonded with wolves, bears and other fierce creatures. When we have nothing else to offer we touch. We touch those who are suffering and a touch is our final gesture to our dead. We touch children to show affection and care. We touch our beloved. The message is the same in every case – beings touch as a sign of belonging. So, we touch to belong and simply belonging is the most primal comfort beings share. Touching is a vital expression of our nature, of our essence. Touching is acknowledging the spirit all beings share. We teach about exploring how beings share their essential nature and healing through touch. Our approach is most closely aligned with what Confucius called “Ho” – beings living in such a way that each finds their own fulfillment partly in, through and interdependent upon the genuine fulfillment of another.

Sara and Michael Stenson are the owners and founders of Prairie Winds Art of Equine Massage and Bodywork and guide the vision and operations of our programs and services. Sara and Michael have formed an extraordinary faculty around the AEMB vision – people who love and respect horses, who have exceptional talents in their respective areas of expertise and who also love to teach and share their wisdom and experience to make the world a better place for every being on earth.

Prairie Winds strives to be green and so encourages pre-cycling (e.g. minimizing use of paper), re-cycling and cooperating in sharing living and travel resources.