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Presented by Sara Stenson, CMT, CEMT, CNMT

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If you just want to help your own horse or you want to start on the path towards professional certification — this is the place to begin.

The course includes:

    • 9 Lessons with 20 videos
    • Course manual enhances concepts and approaches
    • International Certification Equine Alignment
    • Sara to answer questions and provide guidance

Study at the best school

  • Online course based on hands on equine massage courses established in 2001
  • Hundreds of certified students around the world
  • Veterinarians recommend the Art of Equine Massage as the best school
  • Sara has over 25 years of equine massage and bodywork experience

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Study at your own pace

  • Eleven Functional Anatomy whiteboard presentations
  • Eight Demonstrations on how to release the shoulders, back, sacrum, hindquarters, ribcage, neck, head, and a complete massage
  • Watch the lectures as many times as you wish
  • Watch the demonstrations as many times as you want
  • Practice on your horses
  • Repeat the lessons as many times as you like