Volante -aka Boomer

Online Course Lessons

It is best to take lessons in the order in which they are listed below as the contents are cumulative – each lesson builds on the previous. Revisit lessons as often as you want to – you’ll always pick up something new.

Lesson 1, Beginning Thoughts

  • Hands As Tools
  • Listen, Connect, Follow, Influence
  • Working Towards A Vision

Lesson 2 The Shoulder

  • Shoulder Biomechanics
  • Shoulder Demonstration

Lesson 3 The Back

  • Bones of the Back Biomechanics
  • Muscles of the Back Biomechanics
  • Back Demonstration

Lesson 4 The Sacrum

  • Sacrum Biomechanics
  • Sacrum Demonstration

Lesson 5 The Hindquarters

  • Hindquarters Biomechanics
  • Hindquarters Demonstration

Lesson 6 The Ribs

  • Ribs Biomechanics
  • Ribs Demonstration

Lesson 7 The Neck

  • Neck & Pole Biomechanics
  • Neck & Pole Demonstration

Lesson 8 The Head

  • Head Biomechanics
  • Head Demonstration

Lesson 9 Putting It All Together

  • Putting It All Together
  • Putting It All Together Demonstration


When you have finished and are ready to discuss what you have learned through the course, email us set up an exit conference time and venue.