Ed Wydallis, DVM

Photo of EdBefore and during college, Ed worked as a ranch cowboy in western Colorado, a logger (using draft horses), and a packer, guide, cook and outfitter. Tiring from all this real work, he pursued and received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, and then a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988, both from Colorado State University. For the last twenty years he and his wife Kathy have been engaged in a predominately equine and large animal practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ed’s professional interests are in equine internal medicine, equine field anesthesia and pharmacology. Ed loves teaching and sharing what he knows and has experienced in his work.

Photo of Ed

His children are wisely or unwisely following in his footsteps. Jessica recently graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and is currently working at a clinic in Florida. His son, John, is a PHD candidate in chemistry. Ed loves to visit foreign countries and learn new languages in his time off. The top photo is Ed waiting for the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan.