Equine Align Apprenticeship

Apprentice KimFor those want to offer authorized Level II Hands-On Practicum Clinics, once you have completed Levels I-V, you may apply to apprentice as a working student through the Academy.

Apprenticeships consist of shadowing and supporting an Equine Align Academy faculty member. Under the guidance of the faculty member, you may deliver portions of the lessons and assist students until the faculty believes that you are ready to become an adjunct faculty member. Apprenticeships include preparation, performance, and follow-on responsibilities.

You may apprentice at an Academy event, or in coordination with Academy Faculty, clinics may be scheduled and held at your location. Apprentices are responsible for all local clinic costs including fees, travel, and living accommodations for the supervising faculty.

Once you are approved, the Academy will list you as adjunct faculty, promote the dates and locations of your Level II events, provide course materials, and certify graduates.

Working Students are not paid and are responsible for all of their own expenses.