Michael Stenson, CEMT

“Energy follows thought” – Chang San-feng

Photo of Michael and SageMichael Stenson’s career began as an Organization Development Consultant in the early seventies. His love of horses came much later in life, however, when he met Sara. The joke between them was that she could have a horse when he could have an airplane. Never one to play fair, or give up easily, Sara brought home a starving appaloosa colt knowing that Sage would quickly capture Michael’s heart.

At first he agreed to learn to handle Sage well enough to be able to feed and care for him but was quickly intrigued by the playful colt and soon found himself looking for a riding teacher. One thing led to another and now many, many happy hours and clinics later he lives with Sara, horses, dogs, cats, studies horsemanship and riding and finds himself humbled by the wonder of it all.

Michael’s professional career has included working as a Business Coach, a Staff Development Trainer, an Operations Manager for a television research firm, a Senior Software Engineer, a Senior Systems Analyst, an Engineering Project and Product Development Manager, an Information Systems Manager, a Chief of Information Systems, an Information Technology consultant to Fortune 500 firms, a proposal writer and he has taught a variety of computer related courses at both public and private colleges. Michael teaches Yang Style Short Form T’ai Chi Ch’uan in Abiquiu, NM.