Over the years I’ve experimented with a number of equine body workers, but never before have I experienced the level of actual change that Sara is able to produce. For instance, under her treatments my 14 year old, 16 3H, TB gelding has developed a medium trot that is actually comfortable to sit. And my 23 year old QH reverted to his normal cooperative behavior for the shoer, after a spat of serious crabbiness corrected by a session with the remarkable Ms. Stenson.” – Anne Sawyer

Sara Stensons education for Equine Massage and Bodywork is so very valuable to me. I searched through many programs, finding her curriculum extensive and thorough. I am a licensed massage therapist for people, having studied and practiced for 10 years Saras program matched any continuing education Ive had in those years if not having gone above and beyond my expectations. Her co- instructors were carefully selected for their expertise in equine health, wellness, and movement as well as for their obvious passion for the animals. I am now a successful practitioner of equine massage and bodywork in Montana, not only being able to create change in horses but also speak with knowledge and confidence about the benefits of massage and bodywork, educating horse owners in my community. Thank you, Sara, for providing such a wonderful program!” – Patricia Winden, LMT, CEMT

As an established equine professional of some years from England I chose to train with Prairie Winds Equine Massage Therapy School. I was already well aware of the huge benefits alternative therapies held for my own horses and I now wanted to be more hands on for them and the horses that came into my care. A chance meeting with an equine massage therapist from New Zealand set me on the path to find the right source of education in my endeavor.
I researched many schools but found that most only provided weekend seminars or one week training at best. As an equine professional who had devoted much time and practice to learning already, I was left wondering how on earth any of these could really teach me what I needed to know in order to be really effective! It was then that I came across Prairie Winds. Boasting access to a spectacular panel of teachers from various equestrian professions, such as vets, farriers, master saddlers, and headed by Sara Stenson, a master bodyworker for both humans and equines alike, her husband Michael, who teaches the business side, and providing a 2 month full time curriculum there was little point looking elsewhere.
“I wasn’t disappointed, the course was everything I needed and more! When it came time to leave I didn’t want to go. I went away equipped to set up my own business and to keep on learning. Everything I learned set me on the road to becoming a successful equine bodyworker. Since 2005 I have built my own business, Simply Supple Equine Bodywork, based along the Front Range of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado, in which the focus has evolved naturally to keeping horses in training and performance horses at the top of their game
If you want comprehensive training that teaches you to think outside the box you can’t do better than studying with Sara and Michael and their team!
CC Brewer, CEMT, Simply Supple Equine Bodywork

When I decided I wanted to be an equine massage therapist, I did a lot of searching for the best school. Prairie Winds definitely stood out to me with its hands on instruction, saddle fitting courses, business classes, length of schooling and so much more. With so many other equine bodywork courses out there, Prairie Winds offered a lifelong trade, not just a certificate of accomplishment.
Sara and Michael are wonderful teachers and really imparted on me a special gift. Equine massage has given me a different outlook on life and given me the opportunity to help so many horses and their owners. I enjoyed every minute of Prairie Winds Equine Massage Therapy College, and would encourage anyone thinking about attending to do it!

Prairie Winds taught me how to listen. Listen with my hands and listen with my mind. Every body, whether human, horse or canine, has a story. To change the outcome means you must listen and follow the feel. There is no magic, no secret, just putting your hands on a body and listening to what it needs then facilitating the change that results in better movement, comfort and natural correctness. What does that mean for the rider? A better ride. A more successful ride. An injury-free horse that can get the job done day after day.
Prairie Winds curriculum is unique, teaching how to feel, to ask, to follownot just to manipulate. There is no pre-set protocol used on each horse. Its not McDonalds. Its bodywork. Each horse needs something unique and individual. Thats why listening is so important.
“Prairie Winds doesnt just teach anatomy and theory. You learn by putting your hands on many different horses every day. You cant learn bodywork from a book or an online course. You have to actually touch and feel many different bodies. Its a lifelong learning process. Its a fascinating and rewarding career.” – Erica

for Prairie Winds Equine Massage Therapy College

“As a graduate of Prairie Winds in October of 2004, I was pleased with the overall curriculum and what the course consisted of. The students that complete the education receive a wide variety of education and are given the opportunity to develop their skills as an Equine Bodyworker.
“After graduation, I ventured back home to grow my business and I can say that thanks to the outstanding teachers and the knowledge that they passed on to me, that they did a great job in equipping me to succeed in a challenging equine profession. To me thats the most important key to education is preparing the student so that are set up for success and thats exactly what Prairie Winds did for me. They provided me with the necessary tools to confidently work with every horse.
“With that said, I highly recommend this school to anyone who is considering entering into the Equine Bodywork field.” – Shawna